Wattpad Engagement

Even without being listed on the “What’s New” Wattpad feed, The Jaguar Key continues to get more reads. What’s even better is the positive comments that are beginning to trickle in. The best comment I received was from another Wattpad author who said it was “well-written and full of life” and promised to be back to read more.

I added a new installment this morning, #5, Bolivia, 1809. When I did, the story had 305 reads, 10 stars, and 6 comments. To help it along, I posted an announcement on Twitter that has been retweeted several times. So far the link is showing 5 clicks (in the first hour). Than’s probably all it will get. Since Twitter engagement runs pretty low, I’m happy with that.

I also spent a few minutes looking at the featured fantasy stories. It looks like they need about twenty stars before they get noticed. The Jaguar Key is half-way there!

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