Surprise Reads

I’d really like to know what constitutes a read on Wattpad. Today’s stats before I posted the next installment were 384 reads, 20 votes, 24 comments. The Jaguar Key was #927 in fiction, down slightly from yesterday when it was in the 800s. (Boy, was I excited about that!)

After posting and Tweeting about the post, I saw an almost immediate jump to 420 reads. With over 40 million users, I suppose it’s possible that 36 of them peeked at my book in the few minutes after a new part was posted. Now I’m crossing my fingers hoping a few of them will stick around to read and comment on the new chapter.

Another development–a Wattpad reader whose book I am reading and enjoying very much was reading mine as well. I think that was the result of mutual follows but I don’t remember who found who first. Anyway, this reader sent me a message saying he may buy the book–he can’t stand the suspense waiting for the next installment. I have to say I’m thrilled that I was able to create that kind of interest in a reader, especially one as sophisticated as another fantasy author. Creating that pleasurable level of tension is my goal as a writer of something easily classified as a Fantasy Thriller. On the other hand, I’m really disappointed to see him go. I’ve enjoyed the conversation as he’s commented on each chapter. I will continue to read and comment on his story. (Easter egg for those interested: with a little sleuth work on my Wattpad site, you can find his story and see the conversations.)

Happy Reading!  –Kate

P.S. The same evening, Wattpad reads for The Jaguar Key broke 500. And I found this nifty widget that shows the current status:

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