Today when I posted another installment of The Jaguar Key on Wattpad, I followed the same procedure as the last post with very different results.

The procedure:

  • post the installment on Wattpad
  • shorten the URL using
  • announce the post on Twitter using the shortened URL

This time there was absolutely no movement in the number of reads. It stayed at a solid 547. Perhaps that’s because on Wattpad a large number of new stories are posted on Thursdays and Fridays. It will be interesting to see whether a pattern develops. If anyone can explain the difference, I’d like to hear from you.

Between Monday and today (Thursday) the book has fallen off the top 1000 list in Fantasy. Last week, I first noticed the book hit the rankings in the mid 800’s. By Monday it had dropped to 927. The following day, it managed to climb 10 points to 917. When I looked again today, it had fallen off the ranking list. I’m not sure how the metrics work. I can only assume that even though my book’s numbers have gone up significantly since last Monday, other books have outperformed it, pushing it down in the rankings.

I want to share with you one the most impressive things I’ve learned about Wattpad: The Community Tab.
This tab provides access to Clubs, Awards, and a Blog among other goodies. I’m amazed at how much information and entertainment is available in the Clubs. There are people on there giving lessons on creating HTML threads and providing creative writing classes. There are also games. For instance, there is thread where readers guess the storyline from the title and another thread where you describe you work in one word. There are links to cover designers and other creatives. In short, if you are a writer with a question, there is probably someone on Wattpad who can help.


Later that afternoon, the number of reads began to move up. By Friday evening, The Jaguar Key reached 800 reads and was ranked 923 in Fantasy.

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