Freedom’s Bells

Near the beginning of Rosamond Eternal, there is a brief scene where Rosamond runs toward the sound of ringing church bells.  I thought you might find it interesting that the bells actually did toll that day in Sucre and other towns throughout what would become Boliva.

In the United States we know the story of how the liberty bell was rung to proclaim freedom at the signing of the Declaration of Independence in Philadephia. When Boliva had its a day of independence on May 9th, 1809, the bells in Chuquisaca, North Peru, rang to proclaim independence from Spain.

Although many battles for Boliva were still ahead, this seemed like the perfect backdrop for Rosamond to gain her freedom. The revolution gave Emil a reason to be in the country at the same time as Rosamond so their paths would cross. In the world of my novels, Emil helped the rebels formulate their ideology as he did in America, and thus the rebellious colonials became the patriots we revere today.

Having seen Emil, Rosamond headed north, seeking a place she would be safe from Abuto. She eventually found refuge in the capitol city of the United States, the same city were Emil resided.

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