Katherine Starbird Books

The Jaguar Key

Jaguar Key Kindle CoverRosamond’s life is falling apart. Her boyfriend leaves on a whim, her friends betray her, and a vengeful dragon wants her to cross the planes of death to trap his enemy in the netherworld. Then her ex shows up in her living room. He’s the last person she wants to see, but he may be the only person she can trust. This fast-paced yet evocative romantic fantasy received first place in the Royal Palm Literary Awards. (MORE)

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 Reenie Gyse

Reenie GyseYoung Annarr is on a round-the-world voyage to prove that his absentee father’s wild stories were nothing but excuses to avoid spending time with the family. But when he sails into a marina to restock his provisions, a mythical force makes it impossible for him to leave. (MORE)

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